First Parish Governing Board Updates

Applefest History Project
September 21 & 22


In an effort to enhance awareness of our church in the Northborough community, we are hosting a history timeline in the Meeting House (MH) during Applesfest which is September 21st and 22nd. The MH will be open from 12-2 each day.

The doors will be opened to the ringing of our bells. A timeline of events will be hung on the walls on both sides of the church. These posters will tell the story of the founding of our church and the subsequent founding of the town. The timeline will honor the 60 children that died in one year from this parish and the two boyhood friends who went to fight the Civil War, died within a week of each other and were given a dual service in our meeting house. The stories will invite the participant to visit our grounds. For example, flowers will be provided at the end of the tour for people to take out into the cemetery and contemplate on whose shoulders we do stand as a community.

We will be borrowing a leather trunk of handwritten sermons from the Historical Society (they will have a table with information about the society in the foyer) and the tea service from the museum in Worcester.


  • We need docents to be present in the meeting house to answer questions. We would like to have at least three people in the hall each day (at least one of them to ring the bell, preferably with a nearby child in tow).
  • We need 1 or 2 people to point out graves in the cemetery (ministers they read about or the small stones we presume are children).
  • We need somebody playful to take pictures of people at the bell with period attire.

Contact Kathleen Howland to sign up to help.

Project: Clara Barton room

It was felt by members of the Governing Board and beyond that the Clara Barton room was due for a ‘spruce up.’ It was crowded feeling. Considering how many hours a week people use this room, we felt it deserved a review.

Lori Pandit and Barb Robey have a penchant and flair for style. They volunteered to work on this project.

Furniture in the room has been moved around (to include the long table). The room feels very much bigger and as a lovely bonus, it now provides a place for smaller, more intimate meetings. With a budget of zero, Lori and Barb have laudably created a room that feels more welcoming and warm. They have scavenged the property for resources and made the room feel so much nicer. We hope you feel that too.

Today and for the next two weeks, people from the Governing Board and/or Lori and Barb welcome you to come and visit the Clara Barton room. They will be there to answer the questions they can and get back to you on the questions they can’t. And on September 29th, a surprise element of the room redo will be unveiled.