Governing Board Update

The purpose of this update is to continue to fulfill our commitment to be transparent to the congregation and to share the various activities that the Governing Board is overseeing at this moment..

  • Anniversary Project – The GB has begun planning for FP 275th Actually, this is a Congregational Project for which the GB invites a collaborative effort on the part of each one of us. A box labeled 275thanniversary will be on the table in the MH entrance way for the purpose of letting us know how you would like to participate, such as, be a part of a Task Force, sharing your time for example as a greeter, suggestions/ideas, share a story, pictures, share your gift of music by composing a song for the occasion, write a poem, create a piece of Art and support. If you prefer call Audrey at 508-751-9157. Let us join together in celebrating our rich legacy.
  • Energy Project- the GB assigned a Energy Task Force for the purpose of exploring recommendations from an Energy workshop attended by FP church members. They will be assessing the pro’s and con’s of Solar energy for FP. A Congregational Forum will be held to share the information, discuss suggestions/concerns and benefits. All the data will be given to the GB .
  • The GB is beginning the process for Rev. Lynda’s final evaluation as a new minister which will be administered in January.
  • The GB will begin planning for step two of the Prophetic Outreach project which is a Health Healing Arts Fair. The first step was the History project which gave us the wonderful posters in the Meeting House portraying the legacy of First Parish.
  • Ongoing is the GB overseeing of the finances of FP. A Financial Summit was held to discuss Financial Processes and cash flow through the church’s operating and maintenance accounts. Attending were the Treasurer, Collector, Administrator, Minister and Trustees.
  • GB is meeting with Committee chairs to hear what their goals are, issues and if the GB can be of any assistance. GB will be sharing with Social Justice team to support and assist in their projects.
  • GB is in an ongoing discussion over the growth of First Parish, concerns/suggestions of the congregation. We are open and encourage members to share with Board members your concerns, questions and suggestions. We cannot do anything about what we do not know. Communication increases in value when it goes two ways with the intentions of informing and collaborating in a solution. The power of ” We “ creates a collective power that leads to unity.

                   WE + CP = Unity, Respect and Growth.

Thank You for all that you do .  Your President Audrey