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Community Meals

Soular Jazz Festival

Accelerating the transition to a clean energy future, the Soular Jazz Foundation promotes sustainable, clean energy with music events.

These events include parades, concerts and the annual Soular Jazz Festival. For more information, visit http://soularjazzfest.com/.

CultureFest at Applefest

Organized by the Northborough Cultural Council, Northborough Culture Fest is a community-wide event that takes place during Applefest (upcoming on September 22, 2019) and promotes local artists and area musicians. For more information, visit www.nccculturefest.org.

Community Meals

Every Wednesday Dinner is served at Trinity Church on Main Street in Northboro to anyone. Donations accepted, but not required.

This is an amazing community service project that FPC Northborough has been proud to be a part of for over 20 years. First Parish Northboro prepares and serves the meal approximately every 9 weeks. We have discussed keeping the effort simple by identifying one meal that will be served each time it is our turn. For example, if we chose lasagna the Meal Prep Lead would recruit people to make enough lasagna to feed the projected amount of guests (60 -70 people). A salad and bread might be added, as well.

Please help us continue the tradition by volunteering to be on the team. Adding your name to the list of volunteers does not mean that you are committing to every time we serve. You are invited to participate as you are able. It will be helpful if I could hear from everyone who is willing to participate.

Even if you have been participating for years please contact us anyway so that we know who you are.Call or email Alicia Coderre or Adi Pandit if you would like to volunteer for this effort. Please include how you are willing to participate. Thank you!