7-9 PM in the Clara Barton Room
Book Discussion
The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson

Even if you have just begun reading this book, you will have a new perspective. There is a Reading Group Guide beginning on page 614 which we will use to get our conversation started. This conversation will not be like a book report for school, this is a vehicle for greater understanding so that we might become better humans and allies.

You are welcome to join our next conversation in the Clara Barton Conference Room on Tuesday, April 10 from 7-9 PM.

The Warmth of Other Suns Preview book by Isabel Wilkerson – The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration is a highly acclaimed historical study which received the National Book Award for Nonfiction. Wikipedia Originally published: September 7, 2010 AuthorIsabel Wilkerson 
Request for Public Witness to be sanctioned by the Governing Board & Congregation:
The Justice Ministry Team requests that we bring forward for discussion by the congregation a proposal to hang a banner outside our building (such as side of Parish Hall or above Meeting House doors) in public witness to support marginalized people in our neighborhoods.
We propose the topic be included in a congregational forum and at our monthly Justice Ministry meetings. We have a few suggested banners that we hope we could modify to reflect the views of our congregation as a whole. If there is enough support, we would make a motion to be considered at the Annual Meeting.
We are in communication with other UU congregations who have hung banners to learn from their process and experiences.
We feel that our collective communication on the justice issues facing us today is important for our spiritual practice and community service. The communication among us is more important than any physical banner, yet we are hoping we can make statements of public witness.
Thank you for considering our request,
Linda Clark
UU Advocacy Day!!

When: Tue April 10, 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Where: Arlington St. Church, 351 Boylston St., Boston
We leave for the State House at 1:00 PM)

uu advocacy day
Tickets are now on sale. Early bird rate $25 through March 26th:
CLICK HERE  for tickets
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(Note, we’re only able to offer one ticket price this year.  This has to do with the ticket platform and related fees. If a subsidized ticket will help you come to this event, please email lwagner@uumassaction.org)
What the fee covers: Building use fee $600, lunch $12 per person, speaker honorariums, staff time and materials

Help make this event a success and register early!  Why:

  • To give us enough time to make legislative appointments for you
  • To get the preparation materials to you before the event.  This gives you a chance to understand the legislation and discuss it with others at your congregations.
This year our program will include:
  • Music – Matt Meyer, Rhythm Revelations
  • Spoken Word Poet – Anthony Thomas
  • Keynote – Rev Elizabeth Nguyen, Senior Strategist -Side with Love, Witness Ministries in Multicultural Growth and Witness
There are many important bills that need to pass this session.  Most of the priority legislation will be climate bills, but we will also be advocating for the Safe Communities Act, Raise the Minimum Wage and Paid Family and Medical Leave.
Worcester Islamic Center Food Drive held December 10

We helped prepare welcome boxes for 200 area families, primarily refugees and other people in need.

December 6 National Vigil to #EndGunViolence Held at Trinity Church. Northboro



Environment Justice, Women’s Rights, Workers Rights, Prison Reform and Against Gun Violence witness events are ongoing. Follow UU Mass Action on Facebook or http://www.uumassaction.org/  for great opportunities.Environment Justice, Women’s Rights, Workers Rights, Prison Reform and Against Gun Violence witness events are ongoing. Follow UU Mass Action on Facebook for great opportunities.


Celebrate our Success! 

The Raise Up Mass coalition will deliver 272,000 signatures to the State Office on December 5th.
Congratulations to all! Paid Family and Medical leave and a $15 minimum wage will be a reality for millions of Massachusetts workers thanks to you!

Update on Criminal Justice Reform

The Criminal Justice Omnibus bills have both passed the senate and the house. The next step is the Conference Committee where the differences in the two bills will be addressed and a final version of the bill will result. In the coming weeks, we will have a summary analysis of the differences between the bills and a list of priorities for which we will be asking your help with advocacy. The conference committee process could take several months. The resulting bill represents a decade of hard work! We would not be here if not for the thousands of legislative visits, phone calls, and letters. Thank you!
Who is on the conference committee: Senate: William Brownsberger, Cynthia Creem, Bruce Tarr House: Claire Cronin, Ronald Mariano, Sheila Harrington


Please sign the Declaration of Conscience on the UU Service Committee website! 

This is something you can do right now! I you haven’t already. You can sign as an individual. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make this Declaration as a congregation? Let’s talk about it. http://www.uusc.org


Saturday, June 10, 2017

First Parish Northboro ~ A Day of Sun and Music http://soularjazzfest.com/  GRINGO KINGS: https://youtu.be/wvOTZNni4ks