Monday, July 17, 2-4:00 pm
@ Susan Fahlund’s and Nancy Lapelle’s home

Governing Board:

Tuesday, July TBD

Penultimate Potluck:

Friday, July 21, 6-7:30 pm, Parish Hall
Bring a home-made or purchased dish and join us for a good meal and lots of conversation.

ANNUAL MEETING held on June 4

 At our Annual Meeting or First Parish Northboro held in the Parish Hall on Sunday, June 4, 2017 we held our elections for the Governing Board and Committee positions:
Audrey Kracke-Lambert, President; Nancy LaPelle, Vice President; Lori Tiron-Pandit, Clerk; Dave Johnson, Overseer of Operations; Jeff Hagelberg, Treasurer; Kathleen Howland, Cindy Bushey and Rick Morreale as Members At Large.  Rebecca Ingerslev, Nominating Committee, Jeanne Cahill, Collector.

RE Corner: 

Thank You Michael!
“What we call a beginning is often the end and to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.” T.S.Eliot
As we near the end of the church calendar year, we have completed a year of Sunday School and RE programs. It is an end and a beginning, as it is with my ministry at First Parish in Northboro. I am ending the year, and my time as DRE here, at the completion of this month. But I am also beginning a new chapter in my life, just as First Parish in Northboro is beginning a new phase in its long history.
I am leaving here with a wide range of emotions. There is the joy of fulfillment in having completed a challenging year where RE experienced a great transition. I managed a year-long Coming of Age program and co-led a multi-church, grades 7-9, Our Whole Lives program with First Unitarian Church of Hopedale and the Unitarian Church of Marlboro-Hudson. At the same time, First Parish of Northboro experienced a period with all ages learning together and then a transition into three separate classes. I feel gratitude for those inspired members who stepped up to lead the three programs that we heard about on RE Sunday. And I feel contentment that there is a plan in place for next year’s classes. But I also feel regret for those relationships that were just beginning to build or which were left unrealized, and I lament those projects which I was involved in that remain unfinished.
Yet, religious work, especially when it pertains to ministering to children, always seems unfinished. Children are always changing and their needs always expanding. I feel fortunate to have had the chance to experience some of that change and am confident that the future changes will be in good hands. You have great children and youth here and they deserve the best you have to offer them!
And finally, I am grateful to the Board and to the members of First Parish for giving me the opportunity to serve you and the community of Northboro which you represent. I have learned a lot from you and I hope you have learned something from me as well.
I wish you well in your new beginnings, as this beginning comes to an end. And as T.S. Eliot’s quote says, the end is where you start from. May the Great Spirit of Life be with you in this new start and may it guide you as you continue to grow and serve your beloved community.
Yours in faith and gratitude,

Thanks to everyone who helped at and/or attended the Memorial Day Fair.

In spite of the cold, damp weather we had a great number of people visit us and they helped us raise about $3500. As a community we can’t be beat when it comes to putting on a great event.


Council of Committees

The new position of Chair of the Council of Committees was created as part of implementing our new governance structure. The council will consist of the chair person or liaison of the following committees: Religious Education, Building and Grounds, Communications, Fund Raising, Governance, Hospitality, Pastoral Care, Social Justice, Membership, Safety, Worship, and Stewardship. The Council Chair will be a resource for the committees in operational matters.

Nancy LaPelle, who is currently the Chair of the Council of Committees will be meeting for the first time on June 24. The group will meet on a quarterly schedule. Please direct questions to Nancy:

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