Note from FPUU Treasurer

Reverend Lynda’s installation as Minister of First Parish UU of Northborough will be held May 7th. If you would like to honor Rev Lynda by contributing to the cost of this event, a check addressed to FPUU with ”Minister Installation” in the memo line may be placed in the Sunday offertory.

Anticipated costs of installation include travel for guests and reception, totaling $800 to $1000. This event was not budgeted for in the current year operational expenses for the church. As was discussed in the November 2016 open forum on church finance, directed-purpose fundraising appeals to some members, supplementing their Stewardship giving. Please feel free to contribute or not to special appeals, as you feel inspired and able.

Thank you and please contact me with questions.

Jeanne Cahill


The youth participating in our Coming of Age program are gearing up for the final steps to completing this year-long adventure. As part of their overnight and service opportunity, the youth are collecting clothes and other personal items to offer to all of those in the community we will serving. You may have already seen the box we have in the Parish Hall to collect items (see below for full list). We are very thankful to our friends from the Sai Baba group who have provided us with our first donation!
The drive will continue into May, with Sunday, May 7 being the final day for pickup, as we will be taking them into Boston that week.
Please do what you can to support the youth as they prepare to serve the greater community and learn more about homelessness and food insecurity in our state’s largest city.
Clothing and Other Items Needed from All Groups for Distribution to Guests:
Please DO NOT bring children’s clothes, dress clothes, slippers, bathrobes, pajamas or out-of-season clothing. Think about what you would wear camping or hiking. Such comfortable, rugged clothing is just what is needed. Also, we will have about 4 times the number of male guests as female guests, so about 80% of what you bring should be for men or unisex. Large sizes (XL, XXL, and XXXL) are very much in demand. Hooded sweatshirts and sweat pants are much appreciated.
  • All kinds of carrying cases such as backpacks, tote bags, fanny packs, small suitcases with wheels (used and in good condition)
  • Travel-size toiletries such as soap, shampoo, deodorant, lotion, Chapstick, toothpaste, and shaving cream in small sizes, as well as tooth brushes and disposable razors, and tampons (no aftershave or mouthwash containing alcohol).
  • New white socks (there can never be too many of these)
  • New underwear (again, there can never be too many and be sure to bring 80% of the underwear for men. All sizes, from small to XL needed.)
  • Sleeping bags & blankets (clean and in good condition)
note: the CityReach staff will use these on Friday evening. Please take care to pack and label these items so they are easy to separate.
USED CLOTHING, including:
* Nylon jackets and pants, ponchos, and raincoats in Spring & Fall
* Sweat shirts and sweat pants (especially hooded sweatshirts)
* Sweaters
* T-shirts
* Long-sleeve shirts
* Jeans, khakis and other casual pants (80% for men)
* Waterproof boots, comfortable shoes, and sneakers
* Hats, waterproof gloves, coats
* Belts


News! Council of Committees

The new position of Chair of the Council of Committees was created as part of implementing our new governance structure. The council will consist of the chair person or liaison of the following committees: Religious Education, Building and Grounds, Communications, Fund Raising, Governance, Hospitality, Pastoral Care, Social Justice, Membership, Safety, Worship, and Stewardship. The Council Chair will be a resource for the committees in operational matters.

Nancy LaPelle, who is currently the Chair of the Council of Committees, will be contacting the committee representatives to plan a meeting for the purpose of providing further explanation about this new relationship. The group will meet on a quarterly schedule. Please direct questions to Nancy:


Implementing Great Ideas ~ Continued!

We came up with many great ideas at our Feb. 5 extended coffee hour. Come hear about how they might be implemented. New ideas welcome.

1. Use a penultimate potluck-like approach to build relationships with other communities with whom we share mutual interests (UU Congregational Society of Westborough, Muslim Community, etc.) – Kathleen Howland.
2. Volunteer to talk to our kids about personal interests we are passionate about  – Pete Mierswa
3. Hold open group forum to discuss current world issues of concern as needed – Jeanne Cahill
4. Resurrect Circle Dinners (AKA Dinners for 5 or 7) as potlucks to help us get to know each other better. Alternate suggestion is to form stable dinner groups of 5-7 that rotate hosts monthly  – Susan Fahlund
5. Find a way to collect member expertise that could be called on by other parishioners as needed. Member would indicate willingness to help by providing the identified expertise (for example someone indicates expertise and willingness to help others with computer use or babysitting).  Other ideas – collection of short bios for all members so we know more about each other. Put bios for new members in newsletters  and then save them for later reference in an easily accessible way- Anne Morrissey
6. Activism re: helping animals in shelters (e.g., food-drive) or animal rights – Elaine Solomon
7. First monthly lunch “Lunch & Fellowship” May 11, NOON to 2 PM with Caroline MacDonald & Linda Clark
8. Help set in motion safety-related activities – Audrey Kracke-Lambert
9. Help with rehab for the loft area for kids’ use. Get input from the kids – Barb Robey
We hope to engage as many members as possible to work together to take on these short term initiatives or projects. Participating will afford the opportunity to build our own community (getting to know each other better) while working on something of benefit to us or the larger community.
Questions or Comments: Contact Nancy LaPelle

They’re Working on the Steeple!

Rustco has begun working on the steeple restoration project. At various times they will have equipment on the premises and will block off access around the front and sides of the church. It is important that folks stay out of and away from the roped off areas while work is being performed. Contact Dave Johnson with any questions at

Animal Rights Activism rescheduled!

Working on a farm in Barre, MA May 20!!

Please contact Elaine Solomon: for further information.

This farm is part of MARC (MA Animal Rights Coalition) and works hard to save farm animals and make sure they are treated well. (Regarding Great Idea #6 – see below)

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