Sabbatical Time Starts January 1

It has been some time since First Parish UU Northborough has had a minister take sabbatical leave, and each sabbatical time is different. The Sabbatical Committee has created this guide to help answer some of the most frequently asked questions about sabbatical, and to help the congregation know what to expect during Rev. Lynda’s time away.

  • Who?

Rev. Lynda and the Sabbatical Committee have been working together for a year to plan for this time. The Committee consists of Karen Nelson, Caroline MacDonald, and Anne Lenault. If you have questions or concerns about the sabbatical time, reach out and ask! Questions, comments and ideas are always welcome.

  • When?

Reverend Lynda is taking a three month sabbatical beginning January 1 and ending March 31, 2021. 

  • Why?

The sabbatical leave is a tradition for Unitarian Universalist clergy, as it is for the university. It offers an extended time for study, reflection, rest, and renewal—all ingredients for effective ministry. A sabbatical leave is part of the congregation’s covenant agreement with Lynda as our minister. Just as importantly, the congregation will benefit as Lynda returns refreshed, filled with new ideas and with rekindled energy. Further, it offers the staff and congregation the opportunity to step up to fill some of Rev. Lynda’s responsibilities, trying new things, stretching their leadership muscles, and establishing a deeper sense of ownership of the congregation and its mission and ministry.

  • What happens while Rev. Lynda is away?

Rev. Lynda has three main responsibilities in her role as minister: offering worship, tending to the pastoral needs of the members and leaders, and facilitating the smooth running of the church organization. These three areas are covered in detail in the sections that follow. In general, the church will run as it has always run: through the commitment, talent and good ministry of members, staff and a minister – in this case, a sabbatical minister.