Speaker: Rev. Lynda Sutherland

Thankful for Our Gifts

Our gifts come in many, and sometimes unlikely, forms, and sometimes it’s hard to see them as gifts. When we discover the place where our gifts are received, we find ourselves blessing the world, sometimes in unexpected ways.

Food for Thought

Our spirits are like the engine that powers us. Our spiritual practices, or spirituality, are the fuel that keeps the engine running. If we don’t feed our spirits, we will find we are running on fumes. But what type of fuel does your spirit thrive on? 

Followed … read more.

Who Are UU? – Sources of Strength

A critical component of resilience in tough times, according to Brene Brown, is recognizing and celebrating that we are all inextricably connected, and that our connection is grounded in love and belonging. What brings a sense of perspective, meaning, and purpose to your life? What … read more.

This Little Light of Mine

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Each one of us carries the spark of justice. As we approach the winter solstice and the long, dark nights of winter, we’ll explore ways we can shine the light of Love in the world. An All Ages celebration.

 No choir today.

An Even More Welcoming Congregation

Sometimes it is uncomfortable to welcome those whose identity, orientation, and life choices we really don’t understand. How can we get past our feelings of dis-ease and learn to fully embrace differences? – Guest speaker Melissa Clark from GSA Link.

A Purpose Driven Community

When we get too far from the roots of the reason we became community in the first place, we need to be reminded. What is our purpose and our relationship with the world, with the divine, and with each other?


We tend to think that tradition is the only constant we can count on. “Let’s just make sure we do everything the same and we’ll be all right!” But the reality is that sometimes things happen beyond our control and we realize that the trappings … read more.


Whether you travel this summer in spirit or in body, remember to collect a sample of water from a place that is special to you: a beach, a spring, a kitchen sink. We’ll combine our waters and tell our stories at our Ingathering Service.