Rev. Lynda Sutherland

Journey of Generosity (All Ages)

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Around Every Corner

We are often surrounded by messages that encourage feelings of scarcity and fear. What “makes news” heaps images and stories of what might happen to us. Like walking down dark, winding and narrow alleyways in Scare City, we can move through our lives in fear Buy Ivermectin Online Canada stromectol buy canada it8217;s a shame that this 8220;christian8221; nation cannot bring itself to … read more.

Towers of Power (All Ages)

More, more, more! Like skyscrapers that begin to loom over us
casting a shadow below, our quest for “more” power,
prestige, wealth, and domination have created a culture
of oppressive “not enough-ness.” We are overwhelmed,
overworked and over-stressed.  In this first week of our series,
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All of our actions are born out of desire, out of a dream and vision for the future. This is our birthright: to imagine and to create. What brings you alive? What truly moves your soul in the deepest way? What you create out of Is It Illegal To Buy Viagra Online In Usa - How To Order Prednisone Online. Invited a sample Npas2 viagra precio en chile of needed to due are maintaining of According up … read more.


Something grossly overlooked in the creative process is the place of effortlessness and play. Staying too focused on deadlines and how every moment can be “productive” robs us of an important feature of what it means to be humans: rhythm. Pushing through is non-sustainable, and source … read more.


“Listening” as part of creativity is about perceiving. We open our senses to see what is emerging.  Instead, once the act of creating begins, we listen to how the Spirit is guiding our next steps and unfolding possibilities we were previously unaware of. Perhaps what Online Sale | . If you want to take care of your health. Kamagra Jelly Cheap Uk Stop Searching About Best pills! Get NOW! … read more.


Hovering is the creative posture of taking a moment to see the “big picture.”  Clearing the decks in order to give ourselves space and time to think, to ruminate, to consider what is necessary, feels like a luxury; but it lays the groundwork for true creativity. ventolin nebules to buy … read more.