Rev. Lynda Sutherland

The Heart of Our Purpose

The final week of the series is a time for naming what this heart-filled journey has called us to. Everyone is invited to bring a flower to share, as we celebrate the simple and profoundly sustaining gifts of our lives together with our traditional Flower … read more.

The Heart of Our Future

[RE Sunday – All Ages]
And how is it with the children? Come enjoy a taste of what our children experience in their truly fascinating Religious Education programs, presented by Margaret Tabor and Jeanne Cahill and the fabulous young people of First Parish.

The Heart of Relationship

[New Member Sunday]
This Sunday introduces the second attribute of living by heart, that of relationship. We are not on this heart-filled journey alone. How do we connect? How do we draw the circle wider?

Emerge! Wings to Fly

Finally the moment has arrived! The butterfly launches into it’s new environment-the heights that are now possible through transformation into what it was always meant to be. Nothing will hold it back. What was bound has been freed! Let us boldly look like, act … read more.

Open: Into the Light

As Earth turns her northern face toward the light and warmth of the sun, we feel the surge of new life and possibility. The new butterfly’s struggle to push out of it’s confines produces a fissure that cannot be undone. What will the light of … read more.

Unwrap: Waking Up

As the butterfly’s cozy environment cracks further open still, it is the participation of the whole community that will make change possible-waking up, unwrapping what will be. In an era with renewed emphasis on citizenship and civic engagement, where do we find ourselves as people … read more.

Coming Out: Leaving Comfortable Places

At some point, we cannot contain our selves-the selves we were born to be. The caterpillar’s instincts about cocooning-entering the nurturing dark of gestation-is paralleled in our own stories of coming from what we have known into a new identity, a time of anxiety, unknowing … read more.