Speaker: Rev. Lynda Sutherland


Whether you travel this summer in spirit or in body, remember to collect a sample of water from a place that is special to you: a beach, a spring, a kitchen sink. We’ll combine our waters and tell our stories at our Ingathering Service.

Paths of Life

The spiritual journey can be understood as a dance moving in and out of four mystical paths, each with their own gifts: awe and wonder; letting go; creativity; compassion and justice. These “cycles of life” allow us to be more whole-ly human. Can we accept … read more.

Restoring Relationship with the Web of Life

We live in sacred relationship with every other living thing. The entire earth community depends upon the healing of harm already done, moving toward sustainability for the future, and harmony that offers live-giving coexistence for all. Can we embrace our responsibility to care?

To Save the World

Celebrating Earth Day – with All Ages Stewardship Finale: On April 21st, the church service will include the younger members of our congregation, as they celebrate our Sacred Earth and our Parish responsibility to the future that holds their visions, hopes and dreams. Come and … read more.

Ecophilia: Loving Creation Madly

Ecologist David George Haskell says,” I think we’re all in a deep relationship with the natural world.” But relationships must be tended. What practices in your life draw you closer to your true essence and closer to compassion for other beings and all of creation?

… read more.

Glorious Diversity


reation is rife with theme and variation, and yet fear has driven us to try to tame, label and homogenize it. What do we lose when we privilege dominant voices and limit perspectives?  Diversity is an essential part of creation and should be celebrated!

… read more.