Rev. Lynda Sutherland


Rev. Lynda Sutherland graduated from Meadville Lombard Theological School with her Master of Divinity degree in May 2015, at age 62. She completed two years as part-time intern minister at Cedar Valley UU in Iowa, and worked as a part-time assistant minister at Decorah Iowa Congregational United Church of Christ (UCC).

Drawing upon her experience with raising her eight children, and working in business, Rev. Lynda brings a wealth of gifts and talents to lead and support the mission of First Parish. Her many talents include developing a course in UU principle-grounded child discipline and is also co-authoring a book with UU feminist theologian Sharon Welch to name a few.

Rev. Lynda is excited and enthusiastic to share and serve in the life of First Parish and the local communities of Northboro! Welcome Rev. Lynda

 Music Director

Olga Rogach

Olga Rogach received a Master of Music degree from Russia’s famed St. Petersburg Conservatory. After graduation she was appointed to the St. Petersburg Music College Faculty and became a featured pianist for the Literary Association of St. Petersburg and the All-Russian Theatrical Society. She emigrated to the U.S. in 1991 and made her home in Worcester, MA.

A leading regional piano teacher, Ms. Rogach has a private piano studio as well as being a private piano instructor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Many of her students have been prize and scholarship winners in International and local competitions.

Ms. Rogach performs extensively in New England, and is acclaimed for her recitals and collaborations with instrumentalists and vocalists.

In addition Ms. Rogach is an official pianist and a board member of the Greater Worcester Opera Company.

Ms. Rogach considers it a privilege to be a Music Director of the First Parish UU church. She has enjoyed this position since 1999.

First Parish Governing Board 2018-2019

  • President, Audrey Kracke-Lambert
  • Clerk, Lori Pandit
  • Treasurer, Jeff Hagelberg
  • Overseer of Operations, Donna Morris
  • Member at Large, Cindy Bushey
  • Member at Large, Rich Morreale
  • Member at Large, Kathleen Howland
  • Ex Officio, Rev. Lynda Sutherland

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We are a Welcoming Congregation


In June of 2001, the UUA recognized us as a Welcoming Congregation. A Welcoming Congregation affirms the presence and participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people. On our journey to being recognized as a Welcoming Congregation, First Parish hosted a series of workshops, sponsored a diversity dance, a discussion group, sponsored movies, and led a number of worship services on the topic of what it means to be a Welcoming Congregation.

We are a Green Sanctuary

greensanctuaryIn 2008, First Parish Church, UU, Northboro became an accredited Green Sanctuary, an accomplishment in which we joyously celebrate. However, accreditation was just a stepping-stone in our individual and collective journeys to further actualize our Seventh Principle, “to respect the interdependent web of which we are part,” in and through our lives lived.

To become a Green Sanctuary, we followed a process developed by an organization called UU Ministry for the Earth. This group assists UU congregations looking to live in greater harmony with our planetary home, and helps congregations come together to address environmental crises that threaten humanity’s quality of life and the lives of future generations.