Closing Worship service of UU General Assembly

Join us in Parish Hall from 9am to 10:30am as we livestream the Closing Worship service of UU General Assembly 2017 in New Orleans, the largest annual gathering of UUs joining in worship.

Flower Communion

Flower Communion is a UU tradition that began June 4, 1923, in the Unitarian Church in Czechoslovakia. Each participant is invited to bring a flower, and add it to the common vase or vases. Together the different flowers form a beautiful bouquet. Our common bouquet would not be the same without the unique addition of … Continued

Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow

What will tomorrow bring?  We are living in times that are uncertain, scary and difficult.  Such times can help groups to find and live their deepest values.  How do we find courage for living and loving fully in our time and place?

The Gift of Uncertainty

January 8, 2017
~ Rev. Lynda Sutherland

Freedom from Want/Income Inequality

November 20, 2016
~ Rev. Lynda Sutherland

Honoring Our Veterans, Honoring Our Freedoms

November 13, 2016
~ Rev. Lynda Sutherland

We Were Made for Times like These

October 23, 2016
~ The Reverend Cynthia A. Frado (adapted by Rev. Lynda Sutherland)

Evolutionary Biology, Social Justice and Music

October 16, 2016
~ Kathleen Howland

Days of Awe, Reflection on Forgiveness

October 9, 2016
~ Rev. Lynda Sutherland

The Common Good

September 26, 2016
~ Ted Lilley

Loving the Hell Out of the World

September 18, 2016
~ Rev. Lynda Sutherland

Stronger Together

September 11, 2016
~ Rev. Lynda Sutherland

Stand By Me

May 29, 2016
~ Rev. Lynda Sutherland


Music as Spiritual Practice

February 21, 2016

~ Music Director, Olga Rogach

First Parish Choir