Cynthia Menard has been a UU professional for three + years, working as the Director of Lifelong Learning for the Unitarian Church of Marlboro and Hudson before coming on board with UUCSW.

Prior to finding her way to UU Religious Education, Cynthia worked in non-formal education for more than 20 years, teaching environmental and challenge/adventure education to groups of all ages, experiences, and abilities. During that time, she worked as a Camp Director, Naturalist, Challenge Course Manager, and Experiential Educator, among other roles.

Cynthia is a practicing Wiccan of over 30 years and finds her deepest spirituality in the outdoors. She lives in Lunenburg with her husband, also an educator, two sons, and a bouncy German Shepherd. When not immersed in UU work, Cynthia reads tarot, studies Taekwondo with her youngest son, and teaches violin and fiddle.