For our upcoming services the Safety Committee has the following plan for COVID mitigation in the 2022-2023 Church year. We have worked to find a balance and let us ease into a more relaxed stance with singing and more interactivity. We are hopeful rapid adoption of the updated vaccine boosters targeting current variants help us all be more confident and comfortable around each other.

COVID protocol for FPN for September 2022 (review monthly)

  • In worship: masks are required.
  • In person Choir to begin with the Sept. 18th service
  • Congregation singing to start with the Sept. 25th service
  • Changes to CDC and MA COVID metrics are being monitored and there may be adjustments as prudent
  • To protect our most vulnerable populations in worship we have created layers of accommodation for various levels of need
  • The front (half) pews allow congregational singing
  • The back 4 pews are reserved and distanced with no singing
  • The upstairs balcony seating for further distanced non singing seating
  • Hybrid worship remains available via Zoom for all who wish to join in worship while unable to attend in person
  • We will open windows for ventilation as weather permits
  • Vaccination and vaccination boosting is requested
  • For other events: the organizers should determine the best policy for the event and communicate it as needed (i.e. funerals, renters, small groups)
  • Please stay home if you have COVID, been exposed to COVID or are not feeling well

The members of the Safety Committee are sharing our choices within the protocols:

  • Karen Nelson and Linda Clark select upstairs non-singing to meet their needs
  • Heather Finlay-Morreale selects the hybrid worship option over zoom for her particular needs
  • Stephanie Sullivan (when not running the hybrid worship tech) selects the front pews of the meeting house
  • Anne & Cindy Lenault will be sitting in the front pews

We encourage everyone to return with joy to in-person services as your needs may allow and join in with the hybrid Zoom option if your comfort level or events prevent in-person attendance. We strive to provide options to be spiritually nourished with inclusive accommodations.