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Date(s) - May 09, 2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Clara Barton Room


There is so much to talk about! We will focus on these topics.

  1. #UUWhiteSupremacyTeachIns at First Parish scheduled for May 14. Check out these resources for our conversations: UU White Supremacy Teach-In – The VUU #177 Also: Streamed live on Apr 6, 2017 Kenny Wiley and Christina Rivera join The VUU to talk about the upcoming #UUWhiteSupremacyTeachIn. Unitarian Universalists congregations are being asked to shift their regularly scheduled Sunday morning worship to participate in a teach-in on racism and white supremacy. Learn more at Very important source: The Global Majorities Collective, a new project of DRUUMM, is an experiment in creating a new UU culture, BY and FOR People of Color. Published on Feb 24, 2017 
  2. CONSIDERING SANCTUARY:The Sanctuary Movement is a growing movement of faith and immigrant communities doing what Congress and the Administration refuse to do: protect and stand with immigrants facing deportation. Members pledge to protect immigrant families who face workplace discrimination or unjust deportation. Unitarian Universalists are joining the many religious leaders, congregations, and faith-based organizations of all denominations who are part of the Movement. Our faiths calls us to live out our principles and values, and as a faith community we have a moral calling to bear witness and serve. So, what would it take to offer sanctuary in the Boston Metro since it isn’t currently offered?Now is the time to prepare the way so that when cases arise, we’re ready to act. Usually, by the time a person needs Sanctuary, all other legal avenues have been pursued and a final order of deportation has been issued. There may be little time, a few days, or a few months left for a person before being deported when a congregation is approached.Videos: Sanctuary In a Trump Era NSM 11/21/16 webinar and Video on Sanctuary from the 1980s and present: Theo Rigby (password: sanctuary)
  3. Habitat for Humanity in Northboro – Can we get a build team together/ Team Leader?