Governing Board

Board meetings are held monthly, and are open to anyone who would like to attend. We hope to continue periodic Congregational Meetings (AKA Council Meetings), and also hope that you speak to any one of us regarding any ideas, concerns, interests and yes, even positive feedback.

The members of the 2022-2023 FP Governing Board are:
  • Cynthia Bushey, President

  • Janet Ruggeri, Vice President

  • Richard Morreale, Treasurer

  • Kathleen Howland, Clerk

  • Dave Sherman, Overseer of Operations

  • Anne Lenault, Member at Large

  • Celia Brown, Member at Large
  • Stephanie Sullivan, Member at Large

The Governing Board of First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Northborough Covenants to:

– Presume good intent on the part of one another
– Treat each other with loving kindness
– Name our own truths grounded in our own experience- respond openly to inquiry for understanding
– Listen reflectively; inquire for better understanding
– Acknowledge issues, not blame, seek solutions, follow through
– Help each other to succeed
– Understand that ours is a team effort- we succeed or not together
– Invite s appropriate other voices to the table.

Covenanted August, 2015

We will read this covenant together at each of our meetings and invite other groups in the congregation to adopt these words as their own, too.

The new church year officially began for the Standing Committee with a retreat. At our retreat, we spent time getting to know one another better, worked on hopes and plans for the upcoming year, developed a covenant to guide our work together, started clarifying and defining different roles, relationships between working committees and the Governing Board, and were introduced to different instruments for decision making. It was a very productive and fun six hours together and we look forward to serving our church this year.