Major Projects

We are delighted that work has begun on the handicap ramp project which should be completed by June. Last year when the original contractor was unresponsive it was very difficult finding another contractor who’d follow through. Special thanks to Gordon Hart getting us to our goal. The new playground fencewas a challenge with limited time for delivery and installation. It needed to meet code requirements for early childhood programs. The fence selected requires little to no maintenance and will serve us far longer than other options. All agree it enhances the property and looks appropriate for our location in the historic district. Savings were made by reducing the overall length while maintaining the square footage needed when the school reaches full enrollment at 29 students.

Regarding snow removal, multiple vendors were considered to provide the equipment and service we need for plowing, shoveling, sanding and deicing now that we have a weekday renter. After the November storms the committee met to develop an initial plan to control costs.We are presently receiving quotes for the 2019/20 snow season, as the fees paid for the pastseason proved to be too high. We seek to secure significant savings going forward.

Priorities for 2019-2020

1.Complete pew renovations -also delayed for lack of contractor. We are fortunate to now have a responsive contractor who should be able to schedule the work in July or August.

2.Repave deteriorated areas of walks

3.Repair damaged ceiling tiles in PH lower level, or replace ceilings as affordable

4.Install stairs at rear of Meeting House (approved for last year’s budget)

5.Develop a long-term maintenance/capital improvement plan

Other accomplishments in the Parish Hall and Meeting House:

•Two decorative LED ceiling fixtures and a rug installed in PH entryway courtesy of NMS

•Replacement of two lower level emergency lights and a kitchen ballast

•Installation of LED flood light at rear door of PH

•Stove hood cleaned at discount and exempted from repeat cleaning in six months.

•Professional removal of previously unnoticed asbestos insulation on pipes below stage

•Painting of PH front entry doors

•Dehumidifier added to Minister’s study

•Free sofa transported to Minister’s study•Steam cleaning of rugs in offices and classrooms

•New rug in Spirit Play classroom•Removal of Abitibi recycling bin from Howard St. parking lot

•Service to assess why Ladies’ Room not reaching adequate temp; recommendation made

•Replacement of condensate pump in boiler room, probably due to acidity of our water

•Replacement of kitchen sink faucet

•Recycled our unused electronic items at no charge by hosting two recycling events

•Alarm system inspected in both buildings and four heat sensors in MH replaced

•Hardware & crash bars on all doors checked & adjusted.

•Main door PH serviced and weather stripping adjusted

•Traps set after a mouse danced across the altar at a service! -no problems since

•Resolved chronic problem with deadbolt on door between altar and Robing Rm

•Cleared basement of old tables, windows and other debris

Care Days

On Care Days and at other times volunteers and committee members shared in the many tasks and hours it takes to maintain our extensive grounds. Our sincere thanks to these volunteers (and anyone not noted here) including Dave Backus, Kathryn Cahill-Zaia, Lise D’Entremont, Dale Hall, Sophie Harlow, Anne Lenault, Donna Massey, Linda McKnight, Pete Mierswa, Renee Peace, Neil Powers, Dave Sherman, Brian Swanson and Joe Zaia.

•Adjusting the steeple clock to maintain accurate time, while also training an apprentice!

•Repainting the old handicap ramp

•Cleaning and reorganizing the kitchen -repeatedly

•De-cluttering of coatroom, stage and other catch-all areas

•Cleaning mold from exterior siding of Parish Hall all along Pleasant St. Ext.side

•Replacing damaged ceiling tiles on lower level

•Repairing the hem of stage curtain and reattaching curtain at top edge

•Setting up and putting away holiday decorations in both buildings

Committee members:Jeanne Cahill, Ed Harlow, Gordon Hart, Dave Johnson, Donna Morris, Gary Phillips, Neil Powers, and Barbara RobeyRespectfully submitted by Ed Harlow, Team Leader and Donna Morris, Care Day Coordinator


The Overseer of Operations serves as an active member of the Governing Board.

•DPW placed stone in the low area of parking near Memorial Grove. Returned in spring to regrade the stone that had been plowed up. Town repaving road this summer!

•Town Fire Department assisted us with information resulting in our obtaining an exemption from repeat stove hood cleaning and inspection for a year vs. six months.

•Unexpected project was abatement of some pipe insulation containing asbestos•Communicated the Board’s concerns and requests to B&G for help with goals such as enhancing the conference roomSee next page.

•Final sewer betterment payment has been made to the Town ending annual bill.

•Limiting trash & recycling cost increases by reducing recycling pickups to “as needed”.

•Established relationships with long term renters to learn their program routines, equipment used and space needs. All parties have been open to collaborating in finding solutions to the challenges of sharing space.

•This summer we’ll continue to develop additional storage and work together with NMS to determine an alternative weekend storage plan for their equipment. The goal is to leave open a portion of the social hall along the middle windows facing Church Street