Celebrate Blessings: Transitions and Traditions

Because we all miss the inspiration of singing together at church, the Worship Committee with input from members of the Safety Committee determined that we may sing while masked at worship this week. We have taken care with precautions to provide for the varying comfort levels within our congregation.
To keep everybody safe and comfortable:

Our service this week is: 
both in person* and online

Childcare available for 10 and under.

To keep everyone safe and comfortable:

We will all continue to wear masks inside.
For maximum fresh outdoor air ventilation all windows that can be will be open in the Meeting House sanctuary.
The upstairs balcony will be available for those who wish to keep distance from singers – no singing upstairs!
As entering the sanctuary the rear pews to the right are reserved as a “no singing zone” for those concerned who want to be downstairs (next to the most widely opened window).
As always we expect that those exposed to COVID or aren’t feeling well will test negative before coming or stay home.