Speaker: Rev. Lynda Sutherland

Looking With Gratitude

In this final week of our series, we look with an attitude of gratitude at the ways our practices of dealing with money can be transformed because we have brought the subject out of the shadows and into the light. In doing so, we have … read more.

Looking Out

This week we ask if the outer manifestations of our money practices align with our courageous vision. Are we creating the impact for which we hope?  Or at least moving in that direction? When our practices—no matter how incremental or seemingly simple—are serving the vision, … read more.

Looking In

We live a “covenantal” faith—the belief that our faith is not just an idea, but it gets lived out in our actions in the world and in the relationships we have. Our real treasures are the riches that come with the outpouring of relationship, love, … read more.

Looking Back

We are trying to cultivate compassion for our anxiety about money and offer encouragement to look at our money issues from a spiritual perspective. This week, we look back at the origins of our own relationship to money as a first step to claiming a … read more.