Professional child care for kids up to age 5

Spirit Play

Story-based, interactive sessions grades K-2

Where did we come from?  What are we doing here?  What is our purpose?  How do we choose to live our lives?  What are our gifts?  How do we use them? What happens when we die?  Why do we die?  Why are we lonely and sad sometimes? Our trained Spirit Play teachers help children in grades K-2 address these and other questions in the context of Unitarian Universalism, using a Montessori-inspired, play- and story-based approach co-developed by Rev. Dr. Nita Penfold, Rev. Ralph Roberts, and Beverly Leute Bruce. For more information, visit the Spirit Play website:

Harry and UU

Harry Potter themed, grades 3-5+

The Harry Potter tales wonderfully engage all ages and address themes of bravery, fairness, and the power of love.  They exemplify how individuals discern what is right, respond in times of resurgent evil, and decide to act to preserve their world.  This year we continue imagining the wizarding world, creating magical implements and spaces, while engendering ways to honor others, protect the vulnerable, and live UU Principles.

Exploring Ethics

Exploring UU values, grades 6-10+

This discussion group format program for grades 6 and above intends to help younger UUs improve their understanding of right and wrong and then to act on their new understanding. We learn how to ask useful questions about real life situations and to figure out what some likely consequences will be. Discernment is informed by UU values and warmed by the kindliness with which we explore our different viewpoints.
Religous Education Committee: Ryan Terry-Lorenzo, Jeanne Cahill, and MargaretTabor