Paper Surgial MaskFor our 2022-2023 services the Safety Team has the following plan for COVID mitigation seeking a balance with spiritual nourishment and appropriate safety measures.

COVID protocols for November 2022 (to be reviewed monthly)

  • In the first 6 rows of pews and choir: masking is optional
  • In the back 4 rows of pews and in the upstairs gallery: masking remains required
  • When leaving the Meeting House please allow those in the masking required pews to leave first
  • The after service Coffee Hour remains masking optional
  • Vaccination and the latest COVID boosters are requested
  • For other events: the organizers should determine the best policy for the event and communicate it as needed (i.e. funerals, renters, small groups)
  • Please stay home if you have COVID, been exposed to COVID or are not feeling well

We encourage everyone come with joy to in-person services as your needs may allow and join in with the hybrid Zoom option if your needs or events prevent in-person attendance.

We strive to balance options to be spiritually nourished with layers of inclusive accommodations.