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Our Mission

To be a welcoming and beloved community that inspires spiritual growth and social action.

Our Vision

We are a spiritual home for individuals and families, for people of faith and seekers of meaning. We are a welcoming, open community, active in social and environmental justice. We affirm the worth of all people and the interdependent web of all existence.

Our Members and Friends

We are a diverse, welcoming congredation.  We are young and old.  We are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered.  We are city dwellers and suburbanites.  We are affluent and just getting by.  We are singe and living in many different types of families.  We are a congregation of few colors that would like to be a congregation of many colors.  We come together from many religious backgrounds.  While we are located in Northboro, we are less than 20 minutes from downtown Worcester, and people attend from throughout Central Massachusetts.  Our location is particularly convenient for residents of Boylston, Shrewsbury and Southborough.

We are a Welcoming Congregation

A Welcoming Congregation affirms the presence and participation of Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, and/or Transgendered people. To be a Welcoming Congregation, we had a series of workshops sponsored a diversity dance, a gay/straight discussion group, sponsored movies, and led a number of worship services.

The UUA recognized us in June of 2001 as a Welcoming Congregation. To learn more about Welcoming Congregations, please use the link below.


We are a Green Sanctuary

Green Sanctuary is the name of a formalized process developed by the organization, UU Ministry for the Earth, to assist UU congregations in living in greater harmony with our planetary home while also helping solve the numerous environmental crises that threaten humanity’s quality of life and the lives of future generations.

In 2008, First Parish Church, UU, Northboro became an accredited Green Sanctuary, an accomplishment in which we joyously celebrate. However, accreditation was just a stepping-stone in our individual and collective journeys to further actualize our Seventh Principle, “to respect the interdependent web of which we are part,” in and through our lives lived.  To learn more about Green Sanctuary, please use the link below.

Green Sanctuary